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1800 to 1850 Territorial Expansion

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Austin Lee

The american Revolution fundamentally changed American society in many ways. It change American society politically, socially and economically by many ways like slavery, women's rights and a paper currency.

One establishment in the American society was paper currency.At first, the paper currency was not worth any amount at all. Their was no regulation on the amount to put on a coin or bill. This was not working out because money had no value which led to confusion of the value of money. Some Americans were "crying out for paper currency"(Doc. G). This quote supports the feeling that the Americans had on paper currency because they believed if they had a printed document that states to be owned and published as their own, it would lean on toward of being independent from Britain

Another factor of how the American Revolution changed the American society is slavery. The Brits always thought of an easier way to do things. They thought that slavery would be the answer to making labor a whole lot easier and cheaper. They thought if slaves were placed in their society they would be free of labor and money because slaves only needed the essentials to live. The Americans thought different. They felt as if all men should be created equal and have the same rights. Which this fact supports the meaning of the Declaration of Independence. The Americans exclaimed that there shall be "neither slavery nor involuntary servitude,". This supports the beliefs of the Americans not wanting slavery.

The Final factor of how the American Revolution changed society was women's rights. Women had no rights in any part of the community unless they were widows. Women in the colonies were compared as being a dog on a leash and demanded not to speak a word unless spoken too. The women felt mistreated because they felt as if they should not even appear in public since they had no rights. As Molly


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