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What Is Rockwell Automation’s Relationship with the Oil and Gas Industry?

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  1. What is Rockwell Automation’s relationship with the oil and gas industry?

Rockwell Automation has long been a major supplier of products and services to the oil and gas industry. The oil and gas market is among the top five industry segments for Rockwell Automation overall, and the top 10 oil and gas companies currently use Rockwell Automation solutions. Also Rockwell Automation has a complete portfolio of solutions to the oil and gas industry that includes Components, Integrated Architecture, Intelligent Motor Control, and Services.

  1. How has the Internet of Things changed the oil and gas industry?

The IoT is revolutionizing the oil and gas industry and making things easier, safer, and more cost-effective for all companies. Workers can access the information gathered to help them better understand how the system is performing, and they can monitor each system and analyze information virtually from any location. With IoT technologies, systems can be repaired and serviced remotely or even autonomously. What is more, IoT not only communicates system information to other connected mobile devices, but can also store the important data a company needs in an online storage unit, like a cloud computing system.

  1. Why was Microsoft Azure a good choice for Rockwell?

Because it help deliver a degree of collaboration and visibility unheard of in the oil and gas industry. With sensors, software and the cloud, the disparate assets can become part of a connected enterprise, powered at its core by a rich flow of data.

  1. What business problems did Rockwell’s partnership with Microsoft and implementation of IoT technologies solve or alleviate?

Rockwell Automation created a solution to monitor expensive capital assets and use that data to improve efficiency, drive better performance and enable innovation. Based on Azure IoT services, the solution collects, integrates and organizes sensor data from remote equipment across global supply chains to support real-time insight, predictive analytics and preventive maintenance.


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