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Mid-Course Synopsis of Blue Diamond Project on Oil and Gas Industry

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Mid-Course Synopsis of Blue Diamond Project on Oil and Gas Industry

Aim: To analyze and examine the Oil & Gas industry in India and its major player i.e. OICL (Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.)

Strategic tools: Following are the tools used in this project

  • Porter’s Generic Strategies: It help us to evaluate the competitive advantage of IOCL in competitive landscape based on cost and differentiation.
  • Boston Matrix: It will help to analyze the current state of company.
  • Porter’s five forces: It will help in understanding the nature of industry.
  • SWOT: Helps to identify the Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats so that proper analysis of current strategies and future strategic suggestions can be made.
  • PEST Analysis: It helps to evaluate the business strategies of IOCL with respect to Indian environment.
  • Critical Success Factors: Helps to identify the areas of activity which will ensure successful competitive advantage for IOCL.

Project Evaluation on following three strategic levels:

  • Corporate Level              Business Level               Team Level

Industry Analysis: Under this section competitive landscape of Oil and Gas industry in the emerging market and in the Indian economy is analyzed and success factors for business are identified. Here findings from PEST analysis and Porter’s generic strategies are used.

Corporate Analysis: Here all three levels (corporate level, business level and team level) strategy analysis is done. This section covers the detail study of IOCL’s history, financial performance, core competencies, strategic unique resources and its positioning. History covers IOCL mergers, corporate journey and quick facts. Financial performance includes of IOCL’s conservative capital structure and borrowing & EBITA break up. Here Boston matrix, SWOT and Porter’s five forces are used to evaluate its past and current strategies. This section consists of challenges faced by IOCL and pros & cons of strategies implemented by them.


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