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Three Types of Operating Systems

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Operating Systems Analysis

There are many things involved when a user turns on a computer and it is nice to think that everything is in control. Unfortunately, most people do not realize how a computer is set-up and what it takes to actually start-up a computer. In starting up a computer, a manufacturer has to choose what operating system they want to install on the computer. There is a lot going on in the computer, but the main person in the computer that handles all the tasks is the operating system and without it a computer would not run.

Three types of Operating Systems

Most laptops or desktop computers come preloaded with an Operating System on them which are why so many people have no idea of the value of what the importance of this system does for the computer. There are three types of Operating Systems that are commonly sold in computers with the most common Operating System pre-loaded being Windows 7 or Windows XP.

Some older version of computers will come with an older version of Microsoft Windows, but this will depend on what the computer can handle on what operating system will be installed on the computer. The second most common operating system that is sold is seen in Apple computers, which would be the Mac Operating System X, with the newest upgrade being Mac X Lion. The third type of Operating System that is put on computers or that many corporate servers will switch to is Linux or UNIX operating systems. The first thing loaded onto a computer is the operating system


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