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Operating Systems Analysis

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Operating Systems Analysis

Introduction to Operating Systems

Operating Systems Analysis

There are many types of operating systems that take advantage of the Internet. However, only three main operating systems that are widely used and these operating systems are Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Macintosh. To access the Internet these operating systems requires certain software which will allow the user to browse the Internet. The software which allows the computer to gain access to the Internet is known as browsers, and they have certain features that make them different and to protect the users from Viruses, Spyware, and Malware.

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows

The most common version of the Microsoft Windows operating systems are Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 Server, and Windows 2003 and each of these version can access the Internet. There are many browsers that give the Microsoft operation systems access to the Internet but the most commonly used browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. Internet Explorer 9.0 has added additional features, such as better compatibility with Windows 7, better performance, better security, and faster browser speeds (Rodriguez, 2011). Because IE 9 works well with HTML 5 and CSS3 this makes browsing faster than IE 8. IE 9 is also more responsive that makes it easier to switch between tabs and going from webpage to a different (Rodriguez, 2011). Also IE 9 allows more add-ons than its predecessor, which allows the user to customize his or her browser according to their on likes and dislikes as well as what they want their browser to do. The only drawback to Internet Explorer is it can be used only on a Windows-based computer that is why it makes it unpopular for MAC users.

Another popular web browser used on the Windows Operating System is the Google Chrome browser. Google Chrome has some of the similar features as Internet Explore such as Favorites, Password Manager, Incognito Mode (Private Browsing), Tabs, and Stability, Translation in Browser, and Wed Store for add-on’s and Applications (Google Chrome, 2012). Another popular browser for the Windows operating system is Mozilla Firefox. Firefox has some of the same features as Explorer and Chrome such as Tabs, bookmark button, Password Manager, Session Restore, and download manager (Mozilla, 2012). All these features are similar to each other with just different names for different browsers. However, some features are browser specific or can be added only to a different browser by downloading an add-on.

There are additional add-on’s and free software each of these browser can download that will enable the browser to do different things. Java and Adobe Flash Player is a piece of software that a user can download


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