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Riordan Manufacturing Case Study

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Looking at Riordan Manufacturing I see the need for a couple of things. The current HRIS system, which was installed in 1992 and is part of the financial system that keeps track of employee information like: Personal information (name, address, etc.), pay rate, hire date, vacation hours, exemptions for tax purposes and so forth. When this information needs to be changed it has to be submitted in writing on special forms by the manager and then entered into the system by the payroll clerk.

Excel spreadsheets are used for a number of things throughout this company from keeping track of the training and development, keeping track of the status of applicants, job analyses, salary surveys and individual compensation decisions. I feel as though this company needs to update their software to a newer platform. The main concern would be the compatibility issues associated with their current and or new software, making it easier to look at data from other Riordan companies.

They should also have in place a centralized server that stores all company information in one place. Currently the individual mangers are responsible for keeping employee files. The worker compensation files are managed by an outside entity keeping their own records. Complaints are kept by the employee relations specialist in a locked drawer in their offices. Every department is responsible for keeping different aspects of the human resources department, which needs to be revamped. They should come together and have a single system in place to fill out forms and those forms can be accessed at a central location with a secure form.

Another thing that needs to be addressed within this company is the amount being spent

on training and distant learning. With the introduction of the new factory location cost has been more than what was expected or allotted for. There have been twenty-two domestic and three international roundtrips and


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