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Riordan Manufacturing Inc Case Study

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Riordan Manufacturing Inc. (Riordan) is a plastics manufacturer in which Riordan Industries owns. Riordan is a Fortune 1000 enterprise and is an industry leader in plastic injection molding. Riordan Manufacturing has company plants in multiple states within the United States and one plant in China. Riordan took part in the takeover of a fan manufacturing plant and beverage containers plant with the expansion of a new plant in China (Apollo Group, 2005). With such growth Riordan has areas of the company that need effective management through a business system that will meet all aspects of the company. After reviewing Service Request SR-rm-012, Riordan is in review of its financial, accounting, human resources, legal, sales, marketing, and operations of the company.

After careful consideration, Riordan is looking to implement a new information system that will cover all aspects of the company. Implementing a new information system will eliminate many issues that Riordan currently has. Riordan is looking for a cost-effective solution that will eradicate all incompatible systems. Maintaining suitable and reasonable profits for the future is a mission of Riordan by ensuring that growth is obtainable. When making any company decision Riordan must keep in mind customer relations, employees, a healthy future, and focus, so there will be a continuous excellent future for customers, employees, and the company.

Company Overview

Riordan has grown in size and profit over the years but is currently struggling with multi-corporation and overseas corporate interaction. Riordan struggles because of a weak web interface and the amount of time billing takes to complete. In general operations are in place but need organization and be consistent at all company plants. Some or all other parts of Riordan can integrate into one business software solution. Riordan has a need for a complete business software solution so all departments


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