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Problem Definition - Safe Company

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Problem Definition

The source of the problem for Safe Company is the lack of structure and consistency between the data systems & reporting tools they are currently using. Without a structured data system, Safe company employees are spending large amounts of time entering in redundant data. Employees will spend multiple hours a week typing the same data repeatedly throughout the system. Safe company also does not have a system that consistently checks and corrects for mathematical or spelling mistakes that sometimes forces employees to spend time double checking others work. This is a very inefficient process and is taking away valuable time from the employees. This is an opportunity for Safe Company, to improve the efficiency of each employee, by allowing employees to spend less time entering data and more time working outside the office. The employees also say they think the data they are entering is meaningless because they do not see its purpose and value to Safe Company. Safe company unstructured data system has also made it difficult for them to import and export reports and data files from other systems both externally and internally since there is no standardized format. This is another opportunity for Safe company to improve. If they establish a standardized format and proper reporting tools, they can provide more accurate statistics and specialized reports to its intended viewers. This can prove valuable to the employees who have entered the information as well as show outsiders, such as Donors, who rely on reports when deciding whether to donate. If Safe Company can fix these problems and are able to have a centralized structured data system that is was easy to use, well formatted, and maintained their business would be able to be more successful.


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