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Movie Management System

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My project describes the enterprise relational database for Movie Management System. The process to book a movie to play it in a theatre is very long and tiresome for the owner. While booking a movie that would be played for the next three weeks or more the owner has to first go through the list of movies releasing that week, see the trailers, find out what the theatres in the vicinity that are going to play and then go book that movie and number of shows from the middlemen or (the distributors). Get the publicity for the movie that is advertisements in newspapers to showing available seats for people to pre-book them during the e-booking process.

While this process seems to be easy but is lengthy and time consuming. What I’m proposing is--As soon as the movie trailer comes out, the owner could go pre-buy the movie and store it in their data centre (outsourced or cloud) and then show the movie for 3 weeks or however long they want and then they could also open a request portal for public where everybody in the surrounding area could request for a movie from the list of movies that they would like to watch and the movie that gets the highest votes would be played.

The key operational database here would be movie table. There would also be tables for the movies divided on the basis of the genre, awards, duration, ratings, cast and crew and the dates the movies could be available on. And then of course, I would also have a table for the payments made or booking made for a movie. There would also be a table for the poll I create.

The database design will include the Entity Relationship, Movie Table being the main focus of the entire database would be connected to other tables in various relationships (1:M, M:M and 1:1). The Billing Table would be connected to Movie Table to differentiate in billing for the different movies, also the billing table would be connected to the Members Table to bill and give extra discounts and credits to returning members. The Genre, Awards, Ratings, Eras and Duration Tables would be closely associated with the Movies Table.


The objective of my project is to make the process of movie management easy. It is just an improvised version of a process that’s already there and has been going on for ages. What I'm trying to achieve here is easy and accessible for everyone. Whenever people want to watch any movie old or new they can go on to the site and vote for it and at the end of the week the movie with highest votes would be screened in the theatre. I want a database and a site that is robust, easy to use and helps with managing the movies screening business better.


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