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Microbiology – Lab Information Sheet

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Atlantic Cape Community College

Math and Science Department

Biology 203 - Microbiology – Lab Information Sheet

Spring 2014

Instructor:                  Barbara R. Heard

Office:                 A-141                          

Office Hours:         CM - M: 1-2 pm; ML -T: 3:15-3:45 pm, W: 8:40-9:20 am and 12:20-1:10 pm

Telephone:                 609-343-5012         


Course Website:

Mastering Website:

Class Cancellations: 

Emphasis in the laboratory is on technique.  The lab class exists to provide experience in handling cultures and related materials.  It also serves as a valuable means of illustrating and reinforcing concepts learned in lecture.

Laboratory Rules and Safety:

Safe laboratory practices must be maintained at all times.  Although student injuries in the microbiology laboratory are rare, you should be aware of some special hazards and precautions.

1.   Students who take, or care for someone taking, immunosuppressive drugs, are pregnant, or have other medical conditions should get approval from their doctor before taking this course.

2.   Any student requiring special accommodations should speak with the instructor on the first day

      he/she attends the course.

3.   If you are feeling ill, do not work with live microbes.  Talk to your instructor before class begins.

4.   All students will wear gloves whenever working with cultures and/or stains.  Any students with

      open cuts, sores, or scratches on his/her hands must wear the gloves that are provided for the entire

      lab session.

5.    Report all spills, broken glass, and other accidents to the instructor IMMEDIATELY!  Do not

       pick up broken glass.

6.    If you spill a culture, first report it to your instructor.  He/she will instruct you to cover the spill

       with a paper towel, soak the towel in disinfectant, and allow it to sit for 20 minutes.  Dispose of

       the toweling as directed by your instructor.


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