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Management 325 Millennials Essay

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Timmy Sang

Professor Krishnaswami

Management 325

April 17, 2019

Video Report 3


        We go through a lot throughout our lifetime; we aren’t here for the easy way out in life. Nothing in life will ever be easy; nobody said it will go easy. So, it’s up to ourselves to make sure we are mentally ready, but what hardship does await us? There are many things in life that will put us down. We’ll be told that we aren’t good enough and that we should just quit before it’s too late. These are the typical actions that the Generation Y or Millennials have and will eventually experience.

        Millennials like myself aren’t given a good reputation and it’s entirely not our fault; we were simply just dealt a bad hand. We weren’t given the guidance from good parenting; having told that we are special set our minds that we can have anything we want because we want it. Giving medals for finishing last set the tone on how we will think and act. Having put into the real world with the mentality of feeling special isn’t going to grant us anything. Because we all know that life doesn’t wait for anybody and that nobody is special.

        This is all happening in a domino effect; one bad action will lead to the next. Now that kids know they aren’t so special, they can’t cope with reality. Like an alcoholic they turn into an addict that will rely on something to give that good feeling. However, alcohol is unfortunately isn’t acquirable for millennials. Thus, they turn to social media to uplift their spirit and like alcoholic; turn into an addict. Technology is easily more accessible to millennials with no age restriction. Like good parents they have, of course they will supply their special kids with technology; not knowing the full effect of what it does to their kids.


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