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Food Trend

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Applying the trend: ‘energy drink hits food'

We decided to make a special corner in the Mangerie for applying our trend, the energy food. We think it will be a good idea if students can eat the energy food. It will improve the concentration for a couple of hours and by this way, results can improve.

In this corner we will offer main courses, snacks, energy drinks (like Red Bull and ginseng tea). By using the three energy ingredients (guarana, ginseng and taurine),

our objective to be able to provide all students of energy food, will be succeeded.

We have chosen the Mangerie in stead of Le Debut, because we think that guest of Le Debut will not come to the restaurant to eat energy food. Students will probably want to try out the energy food or eat it during exams or presentations.

Also students are partying a lot, so a energy meal will great for them at school.

The Mangerie will be our main objective, but we could also make a corner in Zinq, so students can have energy food as a breakfast (energy ingredients can easily be infused into bread).

Let us describe the three main energy giving ingredients.


Guarana is a little seed which grow in the Amazon area in Brazil. When Native inhabitants of the rainforest already used the seed to provide energy. Nowadays the seed is used in a lot of soft-drinks in brazil. in a lot of countries it is legal to use the seed in different kinds of products.

The guarana bean has a high concentration of caffeine which is for more higher than coffee or espresso. The seed helps by improving your mental and physical performances. But people with heartdiseases should be aware of the fact that the seed is dangerous for them because of the high concentration of caffeine. Another important fact is that you will become tired when the guarana worked out.

As a conclusion we can say that the Guarana seed helps you to improve your achievements but just for a certain period. After this you become even more tired so you can say that it's working like a drug.


Taurine is a organic acid, which we will use for our energy food. The source of taurine is ox bile. It was discovered in 1827 by the German Friedrich Tiedemann. Our own body also makes taurine and therefore it isn't necessary to eat or drink more taurine. But taurine gives you a awake and more energetic feeling. It has a positive effect on the heart and blood pressure. Besides ox bile, taurine can also be found in meat, fish, eggs, milk and fowl.

And it is one of the most important ingredients


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