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China System Description

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China System Description (as-is)

Currently the makeup of the system at the China site is very similar to systems at the sites around the United States. The system consists of the same basic applications such as a general ledger, accounts payable/receivable, orders entry procurement, sales and purchasing history, and a few other applications make up the financial and Accounting System. Various sites of some use a variety of databases. There are files stored in hardcopy and there are data files. This makes for a very cumbersome data transfer process. Files must be manually reentered into the systems, which create a 15 to 20 day processing time. Contributing to this delay in processing is the fact that no two people have access to the same information. Employees have specific groups of files that they are responsible for. When management requires information about a particular customer, they must request that information from the employee responsible for that customer's information. This is another contributing factor in the lengthy information processing procedures. Given current advancements in technology, this situation should not exist.

Recommendations for Improvements China, Georgia

When compared to the Georgia site, both the China and San Jose locations do have some positive aspects to their systems. Both sites have relatively new hardware. There is the potential for this new hardware to be integrated into a new finance and Accounting System. On the other hand, Georgia will need a total makeover of its hardware. The hardware is out dated and will not adequately support the new business information systems. It's mid


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