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Google Business Systems from China Have Suffered for Sexual Assault

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Problem statement

  1. Google business systems from China have suffered for sexual assault

Google's senior vice president of "A new approach to China" noted, Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer David Drummond authored the official Fang Bowen, Google business systems from China have suffered for sexual assault, leading to intellectual propertytheft, Google entered China in 2006, is to let the Chinese people can be more open to the Internet to obtain information, and based on this concept, Google can tolerate partial review, but Google will closely monitor the Chinese new legal restrictions on the Google services, Google has now confirmed that, Google has come to reconsider the assessment of the feasibility of business operations in China's time.

In the past year, restrictions on freedom of expression to the Internet has completely broken through the Google bottom line, Google has decided to no longer willing to censor search results on, so if possible, Google will in the coming weeks and the Chinese government negotiations, requires the ability to operate an unfiltered search engine within the review of the legal framework for China. Google must admit that this may well mean having to close, the withdrawal of Google offices in China.

b)  Google suffered market ruthlessly eliminated 

In 2006, Baidu's market share to 56.6% to sit tight in the first, but Google can only 32.8% in second place. But leaving is a big blow to Google, Google's 32.8% market share of this 99% of which is contributed by This unsatisfactory situation of Google founders Sergey Brin pointed out: Although the and coexist in China, but only 1% of Chinese users to use the latter, mainly search results because of the quality of and the number can not be compared with the main search engines. But it is ironic that Google in China's domestic market, the main push is rather than

According to Chinese CNNIC in September 2009 published the statistics , only 12.7 percent of Chinese Internet users to Google search site as the first choice, dropped by 3.9% compared to 2008. The local Chinese Baidu is up to 77.2% of Internet users as a first choice.

Although the experience of many years of operation of the market, but the ruthless competition in the market results prove that Google in China is a failure. Although China has invested a lot of manpower and material resources, Google in the Chinese market situation and there is no improvement.September 2009, Google suffered another setback, which in 2005 from Microsoft Corp. hired Kai-fu Lee is responsible for business in China to leave, to start their own Internet-invested enterprises in China.


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