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Change Theories and Health Informatics

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What is Change Theory?

When we discuss change, it can mean creating something different from its original state, whereas change can be planned or unplanned. When considering unplanned changes, it can reveal unpredictable outcomes, whereas planned change can be viewed as "a sequence of events implemented to achieve established goals" (Oguejiofo, 2011). In health informatics, change theories can relate as the new advances in technology emerge.

For years, the concept of delivering the best quality healthcare to clients and patients has been an ongoing challenge with healthcare physicians and organizations. Today, the change theory of providing healthcare to patients has been centered on home care where nurses, physicians, or specialized healthcare professionals visit and treat the patient within their own homes. This is where the utilization of health information systems is necessary to execute these tasks and to assist in everyday processes. According to an article written by DeGaspari (2011), he discusses how he feels that Dr. Barry Chaiken, a chief medical officer of Docs Network, Ltd., views on change theory and how health informatics reflect on how healthcare providers should use electronic health records, clinical decision support, and e-prescribing as "tools for change"; however, physicians should now think beyond 2013 and how to transform healthcare" (DeGaspari, 2011). There are many tools that healthcare professionals utilized while executing their daily tasks. Generally, in today's technology, most healthcare professionals transport their own laptop computer that stores their patient data which comes handy when making these patient visits. They can also use the laptop to place direct prescription orders for their patients as they are in the process of the patient health evaluation.

Health informatics is a very


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