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The Way Teachers Gather Student Personal Contact Data on the First Day of School.

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1.- The way teachers gather student personal contact data on the first day of school.

Normally most professors whom dislike the method of communication through blackboard tend to ask students for alternate emails or their phone numbers in order to create WhatsApp groups. This is achieved by handing out a piece of paper in order for each student to fill out their data. Then the teacher keeps this piece of paper and has to manually input their information in places such as Google Drive or WhatsApp. This is optimal for small groups or friends wanting to keep in touch with each other. In classrooms with over 25 students this might see a little antiquated.

A possible alternative for this might be to do a Google Form list and create a link so students can fill out their information on their cellphones or laptops. The result of this would be a single Google Sheets with information submitted by each student.

2.- Centrales Cafeteria is the main place where people buy their 3 meals in campus. Often crowded and lacks in fast service. People often gets confused at the moment of paying and picking up food. There are 2 lines with four registers open, most of the time there are big lines for paying and picking up food, the process is not as fast as students would want it to be.

This can be optimized by allowing students to have a meal plan card where the regulars get the chance to prepay their meals and just ordering directly into the restaurant of their choosing. While non regulars go through the process of either getting a one time meal plan card or paying cash or card at the rest of the registers.

3.- Grading process can be long whenever there are multiple option tests in large groups.

A solution for this might be a new app that lets teachers grade students test by simply taking a picture of their answer sheet,


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