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Teenagers in China

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Recently year, more and more families prefer to send their children to go abroad for educations wither in the developed countries or in the developing countries. Especially in China, the officially figure given about the quantity of student go abroad for education was approach 400,000 in 2012. However, the average age of student go abroad for becoming lower these years. This cased by the teenagers (age from 13-18) take a large proportion of students go broad for education. So, the argument of should teenagers in China suitable to go abroad for education putted forward to be a social issue.

People who support the points of teenagers should to go abroad for education mainly consider three benefits from study abroad. Firstly, supporters think that teenagers can at least learning a foreign language well after they complete their study in other country. For example, more and more Chinese families send their children to British, US, Australia or Canada, these English spoken country for study. They believe that the English language environment in these countries are much better than China. What's more, it will be perfectly that teenagers can improve their English level and complete their major study at the same time. Secondly, teenagers can realize different culture from other international students. The supporters think that the different life experience will help these teenagers more tenable in the future. Finally, teenagers go abroad for education will also enhance their sense of independence naturally and eventually. Being away from home, they solely rely on themselves at many aspects such as living, study, problem solving and build relationship.

However, there also have arguments that against teenagers in China to go abroad for study. Most importantly, teenagers are easy to get bad habits if they are out of control of their parents. Teenagers just during the rebellion, most of them do not have the right sense of values and they may


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