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Stop Waiting, Start Acting

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Stop Waiting, Start Working

-Nikunj Bhagat

-M.Tech 2nd year, EE Department

-Hostel 1, IIT Bombay

At the onset, I want to ask a question, "Why do all the good people refrain from taking responsibility?" Most of us feel that politics is a "gutter" and we try to keep away from it as far as possible. But we don't even think for a moment before mocking or blaming about the corruptness or incapability of a politician. All of us are waiting for one good person, one person who is selfless, who will improve our political structure, who will rid us of our misery. In short, one person who will clean this "gutter". So, where are these good people? Has the Indian soil stopped producing the brave hearts like Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Bhagat Singh? No, it hasn't. They are right here, amongst us, maybe even you. But then what happened in last 60 years since independence, that has brought about such a radical change, wherein when we earlier had so many leaders who fought against injustice, cruelty, etc, we now are facing an acute shortage of them?

I will tell you what happened. Our greed increased. Earlier people gave values to helping others, honesty and self-sacrifice, which has now been replaced by ignorance, greed and self-indulgence. Most of us are just interested in making money, having a good life and everything else, well just go to hell! The only reason that our political structure is in disarray today, is because the educated people have shied away from it. This has given way to all the goons, corrupt people to enter politics where they can strive successfully. Then it is not a surprise to see such people spend the nation's income on making statues, travels, holidays, etc. It is high time the educated masses come forward and share the responsibility


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