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Different Us Acts

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american history is very good to know, especially if you live in america. ***Clayton Anti-Trust Act***:

-1914, first purpose was to close loopholes in Anti-Trust laws such as tying contracts, interlocking directorates, price discrimination inhibiting competition, and corporations buying stock in competing companies are all outlawed. Second purpose was to make corporation officers criminally responsible for violations. The last purpose was labor unions are not Trusts which restrain trade and legalized peaceful strikes and picketing.

***Moral Diplomacy***:

-US's job to do good in the world and they have 3 principles. 1st is that the US has to maintain peace in the world and we'll do this through example. 2nd is US democracy is the greatest, most moral government ever seen and we must support and export it everywhere. 3rd a body of international law exists through customs and treaties and all nation shave moral duty to obey it. We'll obey it and insist other nations to do conflicting interests within the policy.

***Federal Reserve Act***:

-1913, Wilson goes after big bankers and all of the money in NYC. The final authority over the a

American banking system given to the federal Reserve Board and the country is divided into 12 banking districts. Each district has a Fed Reserve Bank. The banks would "back" and put into circulation the green-back dollar which is a Federal Reserve note.

**1920 Election**:

-Democrats fun James Cox and Republicans go with the GREAT Warren G. Harding. Republicans progressive wing weak and big business back in charge. Harding picked by the "good old boys" of the Rep party in a smoke-filled room. Harding says he wants to return to normalcy. Harding wins big and Americans are disillusioned.

**Committee on Public Information**:

-headed by George creel and the government propaganda agency give positive reasons for fighting the war. Propaganda instilled hatred of Germans. They had hatred towards those opposing the war. Created climate intolerance in the US.

**Espionage Act**:

-it's a prison term for anyone aiding the enemy, obstructing recruiting, or starting rebellion in the military. It gives postmaster general the right to ban ant-war publications from the mail system.


-1915, British passenger liner carrying ammunition, Germans sink it and 128 Americans die. Germany had warned Americans in newspapers.


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