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Sexual Prevnetion

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Nagel determines that sexual perversion is a concept that has meaning or states something that is important. Sexual perversions do not have natural activities in relation to the sexual concept. It is a type of sexual behavior that is known to be not normal or is not natural at all. He explains his Skeptical position as well that the sexual desire is a way to make you feel in some sort of way, and it has to satisfy them and make them feel good about themselves. Nagel talks about how normal sex is not the most satisfying way for someone to feel good, you need to have more actions involved that would make it more active. Romeo and Juliet is a good example because the love between the two was so strong they wanted to be together, having the connection but since they could not be together they decided to commit suicide. It is not fair that they have to go through such thing, their sexual perversion was more of a reflexive mutual recognition. In Romeo and Juliet, the connection they had were a sexual sensing, feelings for one another. Nagel concludes saying that the difference between good and bad sex cannot be determined because you do not know how it is done, the way it is connected. He describes that sex is all about the role of being active, you need to feel the tension that is in it so that you get attached to what your doing.

Sexual activities that is not known to be apart of perversion would be reproduction. This is because reproduction is a way to make babies, have a family. Sex is involved because in order for a woman to reproduce she needs to have sex for the sperms to meet the eggs. This leads to the process of making kids, if you do not have sex it would be harder for a woman to make babies. This is because it takes time for sperms to meet the egg, it has to be kept in for a while. Sexual activity that is known as a sexual desire would be the pleasure of having sex. When you meet someone who you have a connection with and fall in love with it, you tend to have intercourse with them. This only happens when you and your partner feel the vibe for one another and know you are emotionally connected to them. The communication you have with him or her is what leads to these happening, you feel like you and that person have a strong connection that would bring you to having sex. Not only that sex is emotionally and physical attachment that you have, you are satisfied and love being with that someone that makes you happy. Sex bring the arousing of one person to desire the other person, it’s a mutual link between you two. If you could sense what you have with the person you love, and know that having sex would be satisfying then its natural.


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