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Physical and Chemical Properties Lab Conclusion

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Aiden Lippert

Period 1

Mrs. Honsberger

Physical and Chemical Properties Lab Conclusion

My original hypothesis was that if it couldn’t be changed back to its original state then it was a physical change.The Physical reactions included the water turning greyish, this is a physical change because it did not change into a gas or a solid. Another physical change was when when the clumps in the water started to break up into smaller pieces, this is physical because it doesn’t change chemical form. The chemical changes were when the water evaporates out of the dish, this is chemical change because it changes into a gas. The other chemical change was when the water evaporated but the salt stayed in the dish this is a chemical change because the water changed into a gas. Another included when the liquid solution turned into a solid crystallization, this is a chemical change because the water turns into a solid, started out shiny and bronze but it ended up having crystallization. The last chemical change occured when the pinkish powder, when heated up, turned into a blue liquid, this is clearly a chemical change as it turned from a solid into a liquid. To figure out if a change is chemical or physical you have to first determine if you saw a change of state like solid, liquid, or gas. When a physical change occurs there might be a change in shape or size, it dissolves, and if it is reversible. When a chemical change occurs it could make a new substance, turn it on fire, the temp. changes, it bubbles, and if it is irreversible. A mistake I made in the lab was trying to get a roasting hot glass of a a fire using the wrong tongs, next time I am going to ask a partner which tongs I should use to take the glass off. I could test questions about physical and chemical changes in the real world and I can determine if ift is a


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