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Mgt 445 - Organizational Negotiation - Communication and Personality

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Communications and Personality

Cathrena Coleman,


July 17, 2012

Carlos Campos

Communication and Personality

Negotiation is the most common dialogue technique used by two individuals to resolve disagreements on issues or courses of action in which there is some degree of difference in interest, goals, values or beliefs. According to the National Defense University (2012) "the primary objective of the negotiator is to build trust and confidence with the "other side," find some common interests, learn the other parties opposing position, and share information that will persuade him or her to agree to an outcome acceptable to both parties. In the following the author will analyze the role of communication and personality during negotiations and how they contribute to or detracted from the negotiation of purchasing an automobile.

Communication in Negotiation

Acquiring effective communication skills leads an individual to a successful and effective negotiation. During the negotiation process, rational and practical are two levels of communications that takes place. According to Barry, Lewicki, Saunders, (2006) the meaning behind a statement is a combination of logical and inferred messages. During conflicts individuals tend not to respond to what is said, but how was it said and if there is a hidden message within the context. It is also important to exhibit the functions of communication, such as positive eye contact, active listening, asking questions to gain an understanding, and positive body language. In order for an individual to negotiate successfully, he or she must know how to verbally and nonverbally communicate information to resolve disputes or conflicts. An individual also need to look beyond and accept another person's difference in values, beliefs, perspective, culture, gender, and ethnicity. This allows a person to acknowledge an issue or conflict from each side while gaining an understanding and interest in the other person's point of view. Another important communication piece of the negotiation process is confidence. For example, the author experienced a situation a few years ago where confidence and effective communication skills during a negotiation to purchase a new car allowed her to make a sound decision that resulted in was a win-win agreement for both parties.

It was January 9, 2010 when the author had just finished paying off her vehicle and was about to celebrate the joy of no longer paying a monthly car note. Two months later the vehicle was in an accident and deemed a total loss by the insurance company. Right then at that moment the author started


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