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Communication and Negotiations

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Negotiations are part of our everyday lives whether we know it or not. A great example is a teenager trying to convince the parents to let him/her use the family car. In that scenario the teenager will have to make great arguments on why that privilege should be granted and in turn the parents might reply with their concerns. In the following paper I will describe one of my negotiations that resulted in the purchase of a used car. The roles of communication and personality in the negotiation will also be analyzed and how they contributed or detracted from the negotiation.


Prior to diving into my negotiation scenario I would like to stress the importance and the role of communication in a negotiation. “Effective Communication is directly proportional to an effective negotiation (Management Study Guide, 2012).” A negotiation is basically a discussion between two parties in an effort to reach an option or alternative that is feasible for both sides. In turn, an effective discussion is a direct yield of communication. Communication is imperative so that the other person will understand and grasp your thoughts and ideas and be able to make sense of your arguments. It is important to transfer one’s thoughts into a speech by choosing appropriate and selective words that are relevant to the subject being discussed and that will of course exclude fowl words at all times. Communicating in negotiations requires one’s tone to be assertive, clear, and concise. Speaking just for the sake of it will not help the negotiation in any sense; one must be prepared to speak and listen.

Non verbal communication is also plays an important role in our negotiations. If the other party senses nervousness or uncertainty they will for use that to their advantage and the deal would never turn out as we planned. Even without saying a word, our facial expressions and gestures as well as posture matters and must not be overlooked. Negotiating and communication will go hand in hand as long as one is clear about expectations and interests and explains them in the same manner to the other party in a way that is fair or in other words a win-win situation.


“A charming personality is the key to an effective negotiation (Management Study Guide, 2012).” Each individual has his/her own unique personality so one cannot expect the same negotiation with a different person to be conducted in the same manner. As it was discussed earlier communication is essential in any negotiation; in turn sincerity is the driving force for the delivery of the argument or statement being made. One’s natural personality must be the main player in negotiations


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