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Memo on Global Situation of Women

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Pagilagan, Alet                                                                 September 18, 2017

2008-10321                                                                         Memo No. 1

Memo on Global Situation of Women

There might be a question of why there is a need to study the global situation of women. But one must understand that the analysis of the bigger picture would help us understand its parts. To look into the condition of the women across the globe is essential in the women’s struggles in our country. This might be helpful to us in many ways possible particularly on benchmarking good practices that we can adopt to our current situation. The discussion on women’s global situation would help us understand the struggles of women in different countries, but at the same time would help us in our reflection on what we have and need to be achieved.

“Where are we now?” This question implies two different but related thoughts: (1) looking into what women have gone through and (2) examining what still needs to be done. To know the history of women’s struggles and movements is integral into understanding the current situation of women across the globe.

There are claims, especially those who are “more of age”, that women’s situation is at par from what was experienced in 1900’s. However, in the Human Development Report in 1995, it was claimed that nowhere in the world would we find that women and men are equal. What all women have in common, and where all women draw their passion from to advance women’s rights, is experiencing oppression in any of its forms.

I think these observations still stand 22 years later. There might have been significant accomplishments in terms of policies to protect and promote women’s rights but this do not guarantee that women are in any way equal to men.

It is well to note that the CEDAW and Beijing Declaration paved the way to the passage of laws such as RH Law, Magna Carta for Women and RA 9262. Also, at the local context, there are significant advances like ordinances on street harassment, and gender mainstreaming in local development plans. But “are we there yet?” “Do we experience equal treatment?”


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