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Glee-Full Medication: The Relation Between Big Pharma and Pop Culture

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Shyness, worrying, and active thoughts are common In today's society, right? Well If by shyness, worrying, and active thoughts you mean social anxiety disorder, and ADD, or ADHD, then no It Is not that common. You are a non-standard human with an unusual but treatable disorder, and the treatment will help you fit In more with... Those around you, so you can be normal like everyone else, so you can feel good about yourself and how you function In this mess we call life. When exposed to mainstream media's ads there Is no counsel or advice that comes with It. Often you are alone watching TV, listening to the radio, or mindlessly reading a billboard. Most of the time there Isn't anyone there to turn to and ask "Do you Think That works?" Or "Do you think that Is right for me,?" What Is portrayed as Abnormal behavior or thinking Is In fact a completely normal part of everyday life. Who Isn't at least a little freaked out by new, unfamiliar situations? Who doesn't worry about Phone bills, car payments, mortgages, making dinner, and mapping out your day all In A brief second? Our hectic lifestyle leaves no room for exploration and maturation, rather you are to be assigned a role and you are to live up to that role as best as possible. You are to act and plan accordingly. It all starts In the beginning with our schooling system. Everything Is standardized; call and repeat, rote memorization, one possible answer, with no time for discussion. At first glance there seemingly Is no real strong connection between that system and the social effects I proposed above but let that type of standardization and marginalization play out over, oh let's say 13-14 years and see what the effects are. High school Is a wonderful time for many young people but at the same time It can be the most brutal experience of their whole life. Now, our young people are subjugated to bullying each and everyday, not only In person but also via text message, and on the Internet on websites like face-book. There are cliques, Groups, the cool, and the not cool, the acceptable and the not accepted. With a high School social system that has such rigidity It's no wonder why we are hesitant to step outside of ourselves and predispose ourselves to shyness unless we find the right Clique. None-the-less, when the time comes down the road when we must face situations that we are not familiar with, we shell up, and shut out that which threatens our security of self-esteem, self-worth, and confidence. Furthermore, we learn the standardized way of succeeding In life: memorize, recall, And succeed. The challenge Is not Is soaking In any and all Information It Is a matter of soaking It all In at the right time, so that we can regurgitate It when asked. Real Knowledge sticks with us for life, but the Information that we must "Learn" seems to Run away from us, reluctant to remain In our long term memories. It becomes a hassle And a struggle


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