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Glass Ceiling

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Business Research Proposal

Submitted to:

Dr. Dhurba Lal Pandey

Course Facilitator

Submitted by:

Bishal Baidhya

MBA GLM, 4th Batch

Roll Number: 7

February, 2018

Table of Content

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1.0 Background of the Study        1

2.0 Statement of the Problem        2

Research Questions        2

Objective of the Study        3

3.0 Literature Review        3

Research Gap        4

4.0 Theoretical Framework        5

4.1 Variables of the Study        5

Independent Variables        5

Dependent Variable        6

Moderating Variables        6

5.0 Research Hypothesis        6

6.0 Research Methodology        6

Research Design        6

Population, Sample and Sampling Method        7

Data Collection Method        7

Data Analysis Tools        7

7.0 Study Limitation        7

8.0 Time Frame        7

References        8

1.0 Background of the Study

The glass ceiling has been one of the factor that has made women to have difficulties in their career. Although they are highly educate, they are unable to capture the higher position or organizational leadership because of the lack of equal opportunities. Glass ceiling is believe to be an artificial barrier among the people which has prevented women from ascending to the higher management position in the organization. This ceiling could be among the various group of people or women. Although the attitude toward the women has been changes comparing to the past, only some women are able to climb up the leadership ladders (Bombuwela P. M., 2013). Hence, reducing women’s glass ceiling beliefs would allow them to have a subjective career success which could help to gain the organizational success.

Women are equally qualified as men but there are various factors that has made women retrograde their work performance. In the context of Nepal, most of the person working in the organization with the higher rank are found to be male than female. Even they are in the similar position, the salary and other allowances are higher to male than that of female. One of the main reason is that our society is found to be a male dominated society. It has been in practise from a long period of time but various changes has been seen to eradicate this practise among the people. Especially in the government and other official works, 33% participation of female has been compulsion. Yet the factors that is needed to them for their career development has been lacking and glass ceiling is one of the factor for it. It could be because of the stereotype among about the leadership styles that men are better than women.


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