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Education History of Canada

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Education A3

Shanoo Gupta

Athabasca University

Complete name of Egerton Ryerson was Adolphus Egerton Ryerson. He was born on 24th March 1803 in Charlotteville which is the now the part of a Norfolk County, which is now the southwestern Ontario. He was the fifth son of Joseph Ryerson. He was an author, editor, Methodist and an educational administrator. Ryerson was a prominent personality who played an important role in the progress of Methodism and the promotion of freedom in the religious affairs during the nineteenth century.

Two factors in the early life of Egerton Ryerson played a lasting influence on his career. First one was the loyalist background and environment where he grew up. His uncle Samuel and father Joseph Ryerson, both were American born and they had offered their services as the loyalist officers during the American Revolution and then fled to New Brunswick before shifting to Upper Canada in 1790s. Joseph had received a considerable grant in form of land as a half-pay officer. He started his family life at a farm near Vitoria, which was the first capital of the district of London. Both the father and uncle of Egerton Ryerson were appointed to important local offices, and both of them joined loyalist establishment in their district and their other family members joined other prominent loyalist clans in that area. Joseph along with his all eldest sons served against America in the war of 1812. Egerton was too young to participate in the war, but he saw his brother who was wounded badly and destruction of many properties and lands which belonged to their relatives and friends. So, the memories of the Ryerson family regarding the pioneering of new land and then defending it, and then their loyalty and principles towards the love of their native land and their attachment to the maintenance of connection of British in North America.

The second influence on the life of Egerton was the fundamental Christianity. So Ryerson was influenced by the protestant revivalism in his early life. This wave of revivalism swept North America at the end of the eighteenth century and at the start of the nineteenth century. Children of the Ryerson family were raised by the dedicated mother having Methodist sympathies. Children were taught a vital and personal form of Christian belief. All this knowledge was reinforced by the Methodist riders who traveled to Norfolk County during the childhood of the Egerton. So, just after the war of 1812, Egerton, along with his three brothers adopted the religion deeply. According to Egerton, his consciousness of sinfulness and guilt was oppressive, humbling and distressing. His experience of relief after prayers and fasting was joyous and refreshing. In the year 2016, two of his elder brothers and mother joined the Methodist church. His father was extremely against the Methodists, so he asked him to either leave the Methodists or leave his home. Egerton left the house, this rift lasted for two years and was resolved when the father agreed with the beliefs of the son. So this shows the impetuosity and determination of the Egerton throughout his life.  Methodism and loyalism were the important determinants of the life of Egerton throughout his life and long career.


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