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Critical Literature Review of Sustainability and Its Key Actors

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Critical Issue in Business


Critical literature Review


Sustainability and its Key Actors

By: Aung Myo Thu


The paper mainly concentrates on sustainability and its main key actors. It begins with the introduction of sustainability, followed by different authors’ definition concerning with sustainability, explanation of the parts undertaken by corporations, governments and markets which serve as creators and implementers of legislation and standards, and shareholders in goods and services, correspondingly. Then, this paper continues to debate the corporation capabilities required to attain sustainability, especially focusing on sustainability issues in operation management and sustainability of human resources.

Table of Contents



Literature Review        

2.1 Definitions        

2.2 The impact of governments, markets and corporations on sustainability        

2.3 Abilities of company towards contribution of sustainability        

2.4 Operations management and sustainability        

2.5 HRM (Human Resource Management) practice for sustainability        





Sustainability is one of the most importance in strategic dimension for recent decades. (Timothy, 2015). According to increased pressures resulting from national and international regulations, and society as a whole, companies are steadily forced to adopt principles of adoption both environmental and social responsibility when implementing their management structures, systems and strategies (Werbach 2009).

From the review of recent studies by Gray (2010), harmonized interactions between individuals, organizations, societies and states gives the result of potential sustainable state in the future. Gray also claimed that isolated activities cannot develop sustainability and only combined effort at different levels which encompass dimensions of financials, socials and environmental. Win-Win-Win outcomes which comes from innovative sustainability outcomes for three parties; businesses, environment and society rely on the leaders’ effort in nurturing “Sustainability Culture” of in their organizations which operates at different levels (Schein, 2010)”.


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