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Community Service

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When I first heard I had to do community service not for a punishment, but for a class I was not very excited to start. I thought I could be doing something fun instead of going out into an unfimlar community and volunteering. Since I could not get out of the assignment, I sat down and looked for agencies that sounded intresting to me and came up with the Salvation Army in Fargo, but other were Churches United for the Homeless, Big Brother Big Sister Program, and Clay Country Social Services because my mother is a Social Worker. Once contacting them and making appointments for me to help out, I wondered what I would get out, if anything, of this experience.

For my first time valunteering at the Salavation Army I was nevervous of the costumors that where going to be there shopping and what will be in the store since I never been to a Salavation Army before. Walking into the store and talking to the manager made me less nervous. When I was put to work sorting through the clothing, organizing them by size and gender, I relized that this wont be as horriable as I thought. Interacting with some of the costumors (even though I did not know where anything was right away) and joking with the employes turned out to be fun.

I do not know if I made an impact on someone else's life, it gave me a warming feeling that I helped direct the costumors to employees that could point them in the right direction. I help an elderly man pick out a winter jacket to help him threw the hard Fargo/Moorhead windy winter. Another time I helped a middle aged women pick out clothes for her son that was around my age. Helping those two certin people made me feel great that even a young college student like myself can make a different.

My volunteering experience influenced me to do everything I do with a little more heart. It taught me to put the effort into school so later on in life I will be succseful and get the best job I can, and so that my future family will be


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