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Communication Theory

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Communication Theory

Communication theory is the study by which information passes from one medium to another (Griffin). Communication theory is important for all businesses to understand, since a business plan or strategy can not be successful without communication between workers. Communication theory focuses on the different ways that communication can travel from one person to another. Major communication outlets include direct communication, mail, phone, television, or computer. This essay will look at how the Army is instituting new forms of communication tools to help with achieving their goals. In addition, communication theory will be used in understanding how a business or organization makes use of communication tools.

The United States Army has announced a new form of communication tool they will be using to get in contact with new recruits. The communication tool is a popular web service called Facebook, which serves to attract new members to the Army (McNally). The Army’s use of social media networks such as Facebook have shown the innovative ways that businesses can interact with the public. The social media networks allow anyone to reach a wide range of people from different parts of the world. The internet especially has made big contributions to the area of communication theory because of its use of email and other social networking tools. These new mediums of information and technology can help businesses communicate more fluently with each other in less time than previous methods. When considering team and group organizations in the Army, it is important for the soldiers and the commanding officers to be on the same page when it comes to communication. If a soldier can not comprehend the message his or her commanding officer is giving, there can be danger to the soldier and the troops. Therefore, it is highly important for the Army to utilize the most efficient forms of communication possible.

The Army also has the added pressure of exchanging sensitive information that they do not want the enemy to get a hold of, which means their communication tools must not only deliver a message but also be hidden from unwanted parties. Secret code is a type of communication tool that is unique to the Army because it is necessary to be both communicated to one party while also being hidden from another. Some businesses do this as well with their competitors but not nearly as much as the Army.

At my organization, gender and cultural differences affect communication because it is important to not show bias towards one culture or gender. Communication theory states that there are certain psychological and social constructs that may get in the way of communication (Griffin). Therefore, it is important for a business


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