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Bshs 465 - Transformative Leadership Paper, Part one

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Transformative Leadership Paper,  Part One


July 25, 2016

Jennifer Schmitz

Transformative Leadership Paper,  Part One

Transformational leadership stresses those leaders who focus on the development of  the greatest efficacy of individuals, and their motivations towards the greater good (Mary, 2005). Self-interests take a second place to the whole. Transformational leadership does not necessary indicate management, individuals not in management who display transformational leadership have the ability to influence others, are empowering, and can create a vision of change (Mary, 2005).

In this paper the use of the factitious human services organization called, The Human Service Alliance, found in the textbook “Stories of Transformative Leadership”, is going to be used as a case study. The staff of The Human Service Alliance is being used as an example for self-awareness, their beliefs system, and the staff’s personal values.

Several questions are being asked. How do the staff members interact with one another as peers? How does the staff interact with clients? Are the staff member’s favorable types to facilitate quality human services work? What can be done to improve, or change to make, the Human Service Alliance, a better work environment?

Staff Perception of the Work They Do

The attitude regarding the work we do can be reflected by the behavior we maintain. Many feel that attitude is everything. The perception of ones work is the thing that brings meaning to the work. Perceptions, however may not be real, perception and reality in some cases may be different.

Pete Morrissey operates The Human Service Alliance. Pete is engaged in finding ways to make his operation more visible. Being a transformative leader Pete is focused on organizational goals. Pete values his employees, and thinks human services get a bad reputation. The public has a negative view on human service workers, putting the workers just above the people they help. Pete believes that The Human Service Alliance operates in a similar fashion as big businesses, with the exception his non-profit organization works under a much smaller budget than big business.


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