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Bshs 455 - President Ronald Reagan - War on Drugs

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Taking a Stand


Taking a Stand

In 1982, President Ronald Reagan introduced his version of the " War on drugs," which affirmed illicit drugs to be a threat to the national security of the United States. According to Bruce Benson, and David Rasmus, co authors of "Illicit drugs and crime," the war on drugs differ from the actual war where both sides take causalities, in this war on the general public take causalities while the police and prosecutors benefit from the war through increased budget (Benson & Rasmussen, 1999). This statement is found in documentary " The war on drugs: Winners and Losers," enlighten Americans with case studies to provide support of their claim of how the war on drugs has become a profitable source for the police and judicial courts.

The strategy stated by President Nixon who introduced the war on drugs, in the mid 70's. It was later enforced in 1982 by President Ronald Regan which stirred up drug violence leading to many correctional facilities being opened along with foster homes, and increase crime. The strategy continues today, but the term "War on Drugs" has been changed following Sweden's drug policy. This policy seeks to bring public balance, deal with health concerns, and the legalization of drugs.

The past practices need to be altered in providing educations on the effects of drugs, and to decrease state funded correctional facilities, into providing self-help services for individuals who use drugs, the drug dealers, and families in the community. It is a must to bring community awareness educating members of the community on the effect the drug and alcohol abuse have on them.

The War on Drugs

"The war on drugs" was a term used often by President Richard Nixon in 1971, who enforced the federal drug control agencies, given them more authority. In 1972, President Nixon rejected, and ignored reports of marijuana for up to an ounce to be used for personal used. The decriminalization of marijuana didn't last because of concerns from parent of the increase rates of the use of marijuana in teens.

President Ronald Reagan contributed to the "War on Drugs," the drug war, by determining that illicit drugs was a major threat to the security of the United States. During this many were placed behind bars, which caused America billions of dollars. As he took a stand against substance abuse, his wife began to make a campaign touring around to elementary school students to talk about the violence behind drugs. Nancy Reagan started the slogan " Just Say No," in response to a question asked by one of the students who attended Oakland Elementary School.


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