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Bshs 445 - a Verbally and Emotionally Abusive Relationship - Survey of Crisis and Mental Health Issue and Interventions

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A Verbally and Emotionally Abusive Relationship

BSHS/ 445 Survey of Crisis and Mental Health Issue and Interventions

The case of Tyrone and Cherie is a good example of a verbal and emotionally abusive relationship. The two of them have been married for thirteen years and have two children. Tyrone and Cherie are always fussing and he yells at her in front of their children. Cherie meets with a counselor and lets Tyrone think she is going because of a medical reason. However, Cherie is meeting with a counselor to discuss their marriage issues. Tyrone calls her names to her face such as stupid and retarted. Tyrone fusses about the phone he tells her when she's on the phone he's going to pull it out the wall and he also fusses about the bill. The phone bill is not the only bill he fusses about the couple also have credit cards he fusses about however, Cherie admits to the counselor that she spends too much money. The couple are barely making ends meet. Tyrone is a physical abuser but he is a verbal and emotional abuser he calls Cherie names all the time, he even calls her names in public. The two of them can not get a divorce because it is not in their religious beliefs. Cherie’s mother was even against the marriage since the beginning. Tyrone has also called Cherie crazy and threatened to have her committed and he told her he would take the kids away from her.

The case that was just described contains many crisis components, for starters, the kids watching their father be verbally and emotionally abusive to their mother and their mother tolerate it may have long term effects. If the kids think it is ok to treat others like that then they will probably grow up to minicing the same behavior. Kids should never witness any kind of abuse, if they do then it is good for them to see enforcement towards this behavior and it should not go ignored. Ignoring verbal and emotional abuse to your children will give them the impression that it is ok in today’s society to treat others like this or be treated in such a manner. Also if the verbal and emotional abuse does not stop then it may lead to other forms of abuse, even physical abuse. There is no present or stated physical abuse as of yet but that does not mean it will not result into it. The parents are playing two different roles in these kids lives. After the father fusses at the mother then she still goes behind his back and spends money on the kids on things they already have or do not need at the time. This is also behavior that can confuse the children, instead of going out and spending more money on things they do not need at the time the mother should watch her spending since the family states they can barely make ends meet now. The excessive spending is one problem out of many in their relationship.

An intervention


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