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Time Registration Systems

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Time registration systems
A useful technique or an outdated technique

Table of Contents

Executive summary        

Chapter 1        Problem statement        

1.1 Background and consequences of management dilemma        

1.2 Consequences        

1.3 Relevance of this study        

1.4 Management question        

1.5 Conceptual model        

Chapter 2        Literature review        

2.1        Development of time registration systems        

2.2        Advantages and disadvantages        

2.3        Reasons companies use time registration systems        

2.4 The use of time registration systems in the current business environment        

Chapter 3        Research objective        

3.1 Objectives and contribution        

3.2 Research question        

3.3 Type of study and hypotheses        

3.4 Investigative questions        

Chapter 4        Benefits and importance of the study        

4.1 Importance for municipality Roermond        

4.2 Purpose of the study        

4.3 Benefits of the study        

Chapter 5        Research design        

5.1 Methodology        

5.2 Sample selection        

5.3 Data Collection Instruments        

5.4 Ethics requirement        


7.1 Form of the results        

7.2 How the results will be made        


Appendix 1: bibliography        

Appendix 2: Survey for managers        

Appendix 3: Survey for employees        

Appendix 4: Schedule        

Appendix 5 : Glossary        

Executive summary

Since the establishment of time registration systems in 1888, it did not take very long before it became a standardized system in most businesses, varying from small to large organizations. It became very easy for employees to track the hours worked by their employees. It first started as inserting a paper card into a machine and developed into a digital tracking system with many more functions where weekly or monthly recordings are available. In the late twentieth century, time registration systems started to move away from the mechanical machines to computer based, electronic time and attendance systems. The employee either swipes a magnetic stripe card or scans a barcode.


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