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Thermodynamics Chapter 1

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Throughout the entire survey that we had carried out, we were able to determine the time students would spend most and generally to watch different type of videos from a website called YouTube. All students from University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) in both male and female from different faculties are involved towards the project. The range of choices on the usage of YouTube among the students are roughly from 1 to 5 hours and more in between the genre of Music, Sports, Artist Gossip and News.

As we all know, YouTube are very popular and trending in today’s world, the users are not just by students and younger generations, it is generally for the people at all ages. YouTube enables to help users in many ways including for the usage of works and in educational especially for students. The experiment for this survey is all achieved by the objectives and it shows from the data obtained by the form. There are 70 responses from both male and female in UTHM. The sample sizes among the faculties in UTHM are 9. Mostly, students likely to spend time and listening to music for about 31.4% and 50% on YouTube respectively which would be the highest among the choices given. For the least, there are only 5.7% students to spend their time and only 1.4% on the genre of News in YouTube. However there are also percentages for the other choices apart from the highest which the users do their time and to watch on YouTube.

In conclusion, we were able to determine the highest and lowest percentages for the choices of the students by the form towards YouTube by applying the knowledge that we had studied in order to complete the survey by using the methods of Chapter 3 and 4 to calculate the data and Chapter 6 to abstract the graph.


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