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The Death Rate Among Males and Females

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During the year 594 individuals in Youngtown died from CHD, whereas 661 individuals died from the same cause in Oldtown. What does this information tell you about the risk of dying from the same cause in Oldtown. What does this information tell you about the risk of dying from CHD in the two cities: is one safer than the other?

Answer: -

Cause Specific death rate due to CHD is

(594/200,000) x 100,000= 297 per 100,000 in Youngtown

And, (661/200,000) x 100,000= 335 per 100,000 in Oldtown.

However the difference of death between two towns is not significant in 100, 000 population. So, we can say that there is not enough evidence to say that Youngtown is safer than Oldtown. The differences of cause specific death rate between these two towns are not statistically significant.

9. Now do we have enough information to make a valid comparison between the two cities regarding CHD as a cause of death? What do we know that we didn’t know before?

Answer: -

Yes, from the data given above we can say that there is enough information for the valid comparison between two towns. Data gives information about the specific age and sex related death rate in both towns. Before this, we only have data which said that certain numbers of people died in both of the towns without any distinction of age group and sex. Because of CHD more people are dying in their old age and in male, so it is necessary to have the entire data specific to age groups and sex. From the information given now, we know that Oldtown has the higher rates of death from CHD because this town has higher population of people over 65. Since CHD is a prevalent condition of people over 65, it makes sense that Oldtown has more individuals that died from CHD than Youngtown which population over 65 is much lower.

10. Give the rates of death from CHD in Youngtown


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