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Obesity Differs According Communities Types.

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Obesity differs according communities types.

Obesity is a serious problem that is focused as an urgent situation by Silja J. A Talvi. He, as a freelance journalist has written for a number of publications. Obesity is the toxic effect of most health problems that the population is having in today’s society. It has become more prevalent in the last two years. Diabetes and other related problems are going to become more often in poor communities than they are now.

Obesity is a problem that we see every day, because we are in a country with great cultural diversity, where the food habits have declined significantly. The author purposes very clear his purpose where our health has been the most affected and most even of certain social groups, or as we prefer to call them minorities. Minorities in the U.S. are Hispanics, and blacks (african american), the groups with the highest level of obesity in statistics.

It is very important to keep trying eating well and get enough exercise, because the alternative is to be one more of the mass of obesity people which is now more common on communities of color. Such a good example is the one that the author gives when he talks about an experience that had Althia Gauthier’s mother who was a smoker with high blood pressure and also poor dietary habits. Gauthier’s mom had a heart attack at the age of 42. “The heart attack did not kill her but the lymphoma did years later, then Gauther’s father died from diabetes two years ago, largely from factors related to his diet and lifestyle”.

Moreover on this article I have noticed the damage that has caused the loss of balance when eating. I have been fortunate to come from a good family, where the traditional food of my country is checked, and my economy leaves a complete comfort me when I decide what to eat or not. I realized how many people are driven by the concerns of having to work and do all kinds of sacrifice to send some money to relatives who are in their countries of origin. What surprised us most is that not only Latinos and blacks, Asians also are showing a very large percentage of overweight. .

Furthermore the author implies another evidences and studies such as “The University of North Carolina School of Medicine- funded study set out to study the prevalence of supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, and bars in a variety of neighborhoods in Mississippi, North Carolina, Maryland and Minnesota. The study proved what many community activists and health care providers had known for years: poor black neighborhoods have an excess of bars and convenience stores, and not enough places from which to buy healthier produce and foodstuffs.” This evidence from the author mainly demonstrates the lack of good dietary habits of this type of people. Where the obesity ranks increases in a huge percentage on color people. He also implies another example


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