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Genomics and Its Impact on Science and Society

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  1. What types of transactions are handled by baggage handling systems?

The type of transactions performed by the baggage handling systems are to Move bags from the check-in area to the departure gate, Move bags from one gate to another during airplane and/or airline transfers and to transfer bags from the arrival gate to the baggage-claim area.

  1. What are the management, organization, and technology components of baggage handling systems?
  • Organization component would consist of the knowledge workers such as engineers who maintain the system and generate new knowledge for improvements then the service workers such as the men who sort and place the luggage on the planes and benefit from the new knowledge generated by the engineers.
  • Management component would consist of the airline departmental mangers and senior level management such as those on the board that would improve and implement better baggage handling systems, train and hire persons equipped with the skills to operate such systems as well formulate other plans in order to improve efficiency and reduce luggage lost.
  • The technological components would consist of the RFID Tags, The DCVs, conveyor belts and optical scanners among others.

  1. What is the problem these baggage handling systems are trying to solve? Discuss the business impact of this problem. Are today’s baggage handling systems a solution to this problem? Explain.


     The baggage handling systems is designed to drastically reduce the amount of Passengers bags or luggage being delayed or lost. The loss or delay of baggage has significant impacts on the airline industry. The reason for this is that loss luggage cause airline companies to lose money by virtue of having reimburse passengers, employ personnel in order to discover to reclaim the bags and also cause delay in flights which will not only increase operating costs but also give the airline a negative reputation and as such there may be a reduction in passengers interested in travelling with that airline due to low satisfaction.


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