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Genetics Homework

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Problem set 6

It is due in recitations the week of April 11th

From Griffiths:

Chapter 20: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 13, 14, 17, 18a,b, &c


A) Would a DNA fragment cleaved by BglII be able to be ligated to a DNA fragment cleaved by BamHI? What about a fragment cleaved with Sau3A and BamHI? What about a fragment cleaved with PstI and BamHI? Note: to determine how each of these enzymes cut DNA, look up

B) What is cDNA and what is it used for? Would it be useful to make cDNA from bacteria? Why?

C) What is the difference between Southern and northern blotting, and what would you use each one for?

D) Your colleague gives you a recombinant plasmid that has the complete human cyclin D cDNA cloned into a Bam H1 site of the plasmid pUC18. You cleaved the parent plasmid (pUC18) and the recombinant plasmid and various restriction enzymes and get the following results:

Fragments obtained

Enzyme pUC18 recombinant plasmid

Bam H1 5 kb 5 kb and 3 kb

Hind III 5 kb 5 kb and 3 kb

Eco R1 5 kb 8 kb

Bam H1 and Hind III 3 kb and 2 kb 3 kb, 2 kb* and 1 kb

Bam H1 and Eco R1 4.5 kb and 500 bp 4.5 kb, 3 kb, and 500 bp

Hind III and Eco R1 3.5 kb and 1.5 kb 5 kb, and 1.5 kb*

* Note that these bands appear 2x as intense as the other bands in the gel.


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