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Homework a Rose for Emily

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A Rose for Emily

The story A Rose for Emily, written by William Faulkner, expresses various themes, such as, varying ethics and thoughts in a civilization. Emily Grierson, the protagonist of the story, comes from an extremely reputable family. She is the last existing individual from their family while the others pass away. After her father’s death, she lives a deprived life in a southern community where she is being greatly valued by the society. Their home was the only thing that her father leaves for her. Even though she does not have a lot of money after her father’s death, she still has high admiration since she represents the ‘Griersons’. She is been perceived a person who overrules herself but allows no one else to overrule her.

She at last recovers from her scarcity by her capabilities. She expresses herself as a dominant person who, for instance, argues with the authority and rejects them from paying her taxes and leads them nowhere but to conclude the argument in her respect. Being afraid of losing her love, she purchases a lethal poison. When the druggist asks her, she does not provide any reason for buying arsenic, but she does not get questioned furthermore because of the deference. She perceives enough supremacy and respect that no one in her society dares to ask her the reason behind the intolerable stink they come upon. They secretly try to eliminate the smell by sprinkling lime juice around her house without disgracing her. Most of the people are even aware that there is some secretive mystery related to the room at the top floor of her house but, just because of the esteem that they gave her, they let her hide that secret until she passes away.

Emily Greirson had more benefits than the other normal individuals. It is a definite fact that the people who existed during Colonel Sartoris’ generation let her do a lot of intolerable things. If it would not be that generation,


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