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A Rose for Emily Case

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The short story, “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner is a story full of

twists and surprises. The plot plays a major role in the way that this is told and

interpreted. The story does not have a chronological order but is instead told in a sequence of events. Faulkner uses to plot to jump around in events that happened in the life of Miss Emily Grierson. Faulkner jumps around from Miss Emily’s funeral, the death of her father, her dating Homer Baron, and the intense scent coming from her house. The way that this plot is written enables the reader to make assumptions but still be surprised when at the end the body of Homer is discovered.

The setting is important in this story because it gives the readers background information on how characters in the story behaved and acted. The setting took place in a small town in the Deep South. The town that Emily resides in is full of people that judge and talk about her. It is a society that believes that people should act and behave a certain way, especially someone who is considered a higher class. The setting helps shape the way that Emily isolates herself and contributes to some of the actions that she takes.

The characterization is important in this story because it leads us to understand some of the events that took place. Emily is portrayed as an outsider who is stuck in the legacy of her father. She is strange and isolates herself from the rest of the town. She comes off as controlling and acts as if she is above the law. This portrayal helps the reader understand why Emily made some of the choices that she did. Homer’s characterization is also important for he is also considered a kind of outsider. The fact that he is portrayed as a man who will not commit helps aide the fact that Emily takes the severe measures to make sure he is not able to leave her.

There are several themes that are portrayed


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