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Ecg 300 - the International Society for Ecology and Culture - Roots of Change Program

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Victoria Canelli

ECG 300 hands on justice

David Murata


Reflection paper

The international society for ecology and culture

Roots of Change program

The Roots of change is an exclusive, self-guided group learning program, which requires no academic background.  The root of Change was first set up by the ISEC in 1994.  The goal for this program was to bring together concerned individuals in communities around the world to explore the systemic causes of today’s global and national problems. The goals that root of change hope to accomplish are, to encourage a broad analysis of the origins and workings of the global economy, to promote discussion of the impact of corporate globalization on participants own communities and around the world, and to facilitate and inspire strategic local actions and translocal partnerships.

Why have study circles? Is a frequently asked question, we do it because learning and working for a change is both more fun and effective when done as a group.  Yes individual action has an important role to play, but when we come together with our friends and neighbors, we increase our power to make things happen much faster and we can gain emotional strength and support from a sense of shared purpose. Study circles may vary in size from 6 to 20 people, with 8-12 generally being ideal. It is up to the group to decide how often or how few they meet, and for how long.  Each group will select a coordinator who will be the one in contact with the ISEC.  This man or woman will be responsible for communicating with us regarding the groups’ needs and we will send information and materials directly to them. Some groups like to appoint a facilitator for the meetings. This person’s job is to lead the meetings and make sure the discussion doesn’t go too far off topic.  This role can be filled by on person or is can be passed around throughout the group.


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