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International Culture Travel: China

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International Culture Travel: China


The objective of this paper is to analyze the importance of culture in international business and the cultural pitfalls every international manager should be aware of. This paper deals with China as the host country and focuses on cultural values that affect business in China. This research strives to provide a complete cultural outlook on China and the nuances of culture that an expatriate manager in China should be informed of.

International Culture Travel

The global marketplace is enticing to the risk-taker; it provides a larger arena in which to prove their worth. International management is the process of implementing management concepts in a global environment and adapting management practices to work with various economic, political and cultural environments.

Companies today feel the need to expand beyond local markets for a variety of reasons:

Facing competition: Many companies expand internationally as a response to their competitors expanding. In today’s cutthroat competitive business world, competitive advantage is hard to obtain and maintain. If a competitor goes global, you have to retaliate by going global too.

Availability of raw materials: Easy availability of raw materials and supplies make it advantageous for companies to expand globally. For example, oil companies in the US have expanded their activities abroad in search of cheaper and more plentiful sources of oil.

Discovery of new markets: The demand for a product might be more in overseas markets than in the local market. Firms, through research, should find out the best markets for their product and expand into it.

Lower labour costs in other countries: One of the main reasons that companies go global is to avail of the cheaper labour in foreign


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