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Chronic Kidney Disease

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Chronic kidney disease (CKD) has became a public health problem in the world. This disease can lead to disability or even death for its sufferer. The sign of chronic kidney disease are decreasing of renal function, high creatinine levels, anemia, hypertension, overload syndrome, uremia (Prodjosudjadi, 2012). It because the kidney as an important organ in regulating electrolyte level, excretion, and secretion can not perform its function normally. Therefore, this disease becomes one of the major problem either in developing countries or development countries instead of heart disease and diabetes. However, this disease hasn’t got any attentions from public. The truth is chronic kidney disease can lead to multiple organ failure such as calcium metabolic disorder, impaired glucose metabolism, metabolic acidosis, urea poisoning, even can lead to coma till death if it doesn’t get appropriate treatment. It because kidney has a systemic affect to other organ survival in human body (Fauci et al, 2008).

The lack of public attention to this disease causing the most of people have already end stage renal disease (ESRD) when they came to physicians. Epidemiological study in worldwide shown that patients with chronic kidney disease are mostly from minority communities as in USA, Africa or those from low economic class as in Asia (Indonesia, Taiwan, China) or socioeconomically those who are difficult to access health services or uncovered by health insurance (Huda, 2012). The incidence of chronic kidney disease has been increased significantly every year. Endang Susalit, the professor from FKUI-RSCM estimates that there are 300.000 people suffering chronic kidney disease in Indonesia and it continues to increase every year (Kompas, 2012).


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