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Types of Cardiac Diseases,

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My class project, Types of Cardiac Diseases, was an important part of my educational experience, because clearly communicating and presenting important information with others is essential in life. Connellsville Senior High School has a requirement of senior projects in order to graduate. Towards the end of my sophomore year, my teacher, Mr Hartz, explained, with many papers on what our senior projects were all about. I had to chose a topic to write about during our sophomore and junior year. Our junior year had to be an expansion of what we wrote the year before.

The topic could be anything we choose, as long as it was appropriate. During our senior year, we would to present it in front of our english class.

I first chose my topic to be about Music in 10th grade. For a few weeks, we went to the library to research on computers and in books. I wrote about the history of Music, dating back to the stone ages, and types of genres. Our reports had to be 5-6 pages in length.

After much debate, I decided to change my topic. I wanted something more specific, so I chose types of cardiac diseases. I wrote my paper about types of cardiac diseases, how to lessen your chances of getting them,

The weekend before my project, I was extremely nervous. I repeatedly practiced. I had to present my project on April 28, 2008.

I have always had a fear of presenting projects in front of people. In any job, though, you must have clear communication skills.


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