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Healing Logics

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People seeking alternative medicines is not surprising to me but the methods and various resources involved in Botanicas are. What I find interesting is how people seek guidance of spiritual healers and sometimes value their results over other health care practitioners. It seems like there is a greater connection between the healer and patient, as opposed to traditional western medicine. Botanicas concern more than physical ailments, but rather more spiritual healing and guidance in terms of decision making. There are multiple ways to achieve the result your seeking whether it’s through potions, powders, herbs, rituals, prayer, or sacramental objects. The practice of Botanicas is the cultural norm for Latin Americans. These people put so much faith into the healers and traditions.

Botanicas and folk medicine are definitely relatable. They both pursue alternative means of healing, prevention, and understanding. People’s background and culture influence the acceptance and faith put into these methods. Botanicas and folk medicine include the use of home remedies and self-care, and some of the materials and resources used are similar. They also involve generational and traditional practices.

Espiritismo is considered a religion where they use rituals to treat physical or spiritual ailments. Communication with spirits or deceased ancestors are common occurrences. Seances are conducted through mediums upon the request of clients. It seems as though spiritual enlightenment or spiritual wellness are the most important aspects of this practice. One of their beliefs is that spirits can influence your health and control certain elements in your life. Honestly I did not encounter a significant amount of information regarding the affects of illness and health regarding Espiritismo.

The text states that “Some afflictions are thought to have been ordained by God and, therefore, cannot be resolved by any means.” The focus of Espiritismo appears


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