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Trying to Operate - Logical Architecture

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The Logical Architecture defines the processes (the activities and functions) that are required to provide the required user services needed to make Kudler's frequent shopper program a success. Many different processes must work together and share information. The processes can be implemented via software, hardware, or firmware. The Logical Architecture is independent of technologies and implementations.

Preliminary Design Model

In order to determine the system requirements, the users and other stakeholders must weigh in on the functionality that will make their job easier and make them more efficient. Listening to the users and responding to their needs is necessary to create the correct type of program. The program may be perfectly written but will not be successful if it does not perform the appropriate tasks. All stakeholders must participate in the requirements gathering to ensure that the functionality of the new system is based on the needs of the company.

Several different methods will be used to determine the requirements for this project. The first method will be a Joint Application Development (JAD) workshop. The stakeholders and several key users will be gathered together to share their ideas and desires for the new system. Each idea will be noted and taken into consideration by the analyst when determining the final requirements.

After that the information is then compiled in a Fleet Truck Maintenance (FTM) database so that all authorized personnel can view the information. This is important because this information is needed to keep an updated safety threshold in place, with safety as one of its top priorities. The vast majority of their stability as a company comes from the government contracts that they have been fortunate enough to win. This business system has an effect on the organizational structure of Huffman because their


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