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Youth offenders

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The Australian Bureau statistics determined that an estimate of 48% of offenders in the general population were within the age range of 10 to 24. ABS determines that female have a lower rate of offending compared to males. According to the ABS, theft was the predominant principle offence for youth offenders peaking at the age of 16. There is a slight different in age between male and female. Male offending peaked at age 18 with police taking action against one in ten 18 year old male during 2009-10. Females peak age would be at around early 16 and out of 100,000 females, 3,300 were aged 15. Youth offenders age 15 to 19 accounted for the largest population (23%) of total offenders in Australia and had the highest offender rate.

In 2010-11, Tasmania and Northern Territory have the highest youth offending rates per 100,000 aged 10 to 19.

The tremendous increase in younger offenders is a concern to the country and that non-government / not for profit (NFP) organization and schools are providing programs to help young children that have commit an offence or at risk of offending.

PCYC is located in all states except Northern Territory and it is a non-profit organisation helping young people to stay on the right track by facilitating and encouraging participation in sporting events, recreational and welfare programs aim to improve the lifestyle of young people. PCYC aimed at engaging youth that are at risk of offending as their main focus of crime prevention. They aim to understand the underlying problems of youth offenders and recommend a suitable program for them. PCYC also offers program for high schools and young adults that are not studying or unemployed to help them get a job by providing industrial training and welding programs. PCYC offers a variety of programs depending on the situation of the youth.

Hypa has determined their current target audience to be non-profit organisation


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