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Young and Middleadulthood

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Teressa Spearman

University of Phoenix


October 10, 2016

Maria Perrotta

From adolescent to adulthood life brings changes. Some changes are good and others can send an individual in a downward spiral. When life presents different challenges it can affect an individual’s family, social, and intimate relationships.  An individual who is affected by family is in a single parent household with little to no contact with the other parent, or no parents at all. Socially the individual lacks social skills to interact with the environment successfully. Relationships become another barrier for them. Either they show little to no emotion or lack the capability to remain in a committed relationship for an extended period of time.

Love, as expressed in a human relationship (a family), is a familiar and important example of notion of emergence. Zastrow & Kirst-Ashman (2010) In Jackson’s case he did not feel love from his biological father. Therefore, it caused him emotional turmoil. Due to the car accident Jackson can be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. Possibly Jackson began to lose hope that he would regain these skills back, in which could have caused him to abuse painkillers. Over time Jackson may have became afraid to be around others that caused him to withdraw from his peers or family. Jackson should seek professional help and enter a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. He should also consult with his primary care physician to begin treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease. If he does not get the proper care Jackson’s condition will get worse.

Tina is a 45 year old mother obsessed with her appearance. Between teaching school and working out and teaching school gives her little quality time with her family and children. Even though her children are all adults she does not spend the necessary time with them as she should. This in turn can cause a strain on her personal relationship with her children. Her children may develop a personal disliking for her. Tina does not realize that with her being in middle adulthood her body is experiencing changes. This could be the reason why she does not see the results she expects by working out.  Tina has to take into consideration her diet as well to see different results.  Tina has one adult friend in which she has repetitive conversations with about her ex-husband and how he lowered her self esteem and confidence. As her friend, Ida should advise her to seek counseling, because she can not let go of the actions from a previous marriage.  Tina needs to surround herself with women in her age group who went through similar situations in a marriages that she endured. Maybe she can acquire knowledge or advice on how she overcame her situation. “A lack of positive and meaningful relationships during adulthood can result in what Erickson termed the crisis of intimacy vs isolation in his theory of psychosocial development”. (2016) Tina has maintained a steady relationship with Michael who wants to marry her. She has become so obsessed with her appearance until the point that she does not realize that it is putting a strain on her relationship with Michael. Michael has doubts about marrying Tina from out of fear of questions about Tina and her obsession. Tina is emotionally and mentally unstable to be in a healthy relationship with Michael and she should seek professional help before marrying him.


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