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War Case

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The Serbians didn’t like that the Austrians were in Bosnia which caused great conflict between the two, eventually this led up to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Once the war start and they began fighting at sea submarine warfare against ships that had Americans aboard were attack without warning. This intern caused the U.S. to enter the war.


Before the war the U.S. was in depression, when the war started the industries switched to making products for the military to aide in the war, which happened to be bought by Europeans even before the U.S. even joined the war. Because of the rise in military enlistment it made a decline in unemployment. The U.S. became the financial leader of the world because the world war had drained all of Europe’s finances. The way we looked at the world changed after WWII, and increased the U.S. economical growth in the world.


Wilson didn’t care for Germany’s military attack on U.S. ships, or any ships that traveled the seas. He felt that we all should live in a safer world, and no one was safe when it came to Germany trying to rule the world.


During this time life was good and people had money. The making of the automobile was prospering at a great rate. Jazz was introduced as the new wave of music as well movie theaters. Women really sored back then gaining the right to vote, and filling jobs that were usually for man only. Then alcohol was banned and this started an increase in crime and illegal alcohol being sold as well as made.

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Investors and people of all sorts lost everything they had. Job lost was at a all time low; banks closed down; people wasn’t buying


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